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Community Detection in Dynamic Social Networks Based on Multiobjective Immune Algorithm
Balanced Multi-Label Propagation for Overlapping Community Detection in Social Networks
Discovering Typed Communities in Mobile Social Networks
Mining Trust Relationships from Online Social Networks
Spam Short Messages Detection via Mining Social Networks
Summarizing Large-Scale Database Schema Using Community Detection
Personalized Tag Recommendation Using Social Influence
Effective and Efficient Multi-Facet Web Image Annotation
ImprovingWeb Document Clustering through Employing User-Related Tag Expansion Techniques
Exponential Fuzzy C-Means for Collaborative Filtering
An Effective Framework for Fast Expert Mining in Collaboration Networks: A Group-Oriented and Cost-Based Method
Personalized Semantic Based Blog Retrieval
Community-Aware Resource Profiling for Personalized Search in Folksonomy
Performance Characterization of Game Recommendation Algorithms on Online Social Network Sites
Topology-Based Recommendation of Users in Micro-Blogging Communities
Exploiting Consumer Reviews for Product Feature Ranking
Phrase-Level Sentiment Polarity Classification Using Rule-Based Typed Dependencies and Additional Complex Phrases Consideration
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