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Effect of Noisy Fitness in Real-Time Strategy Games Player Behaviour Optimisation Using Evolutionary Algorithms
Classification- and Regression-Assisted Differential Evolution for Computationally Expensive Problems
Differential Evolution with Adaptive Mutation and Parameter Control Using Lévy Probability Distribution
Compact Differential Evolution Light: High Performance Despite Limited Memory Requirement and Modest Computational Overhead
Exploiting Bivariate Dependencies to Speedup Structure Learning in Bayesian Optimization Algorithm
Evolutionary Optimization: Pitfalls and Booby Traps
A Puzzle-Based Genetic Algorithm with Block Mining and Recombination Heuristic for the Traveling Salesman Problem
Scheduling Multi-Mode Projects under Uncertainty to Optimize Cash Flows: A Monte Carlo Ant Colony System Approach
An Improved Evolvable Oscillator and Basis Function Set for Control of an Insect-Scale Flapping-Wing Micro Air Vehicle
Coverage Optimization for Defect-Tolerance Logic Mapping on Nanoelectronic Crossbar Architectures
Particle Swarm Optimization Based Support Vector Regression for Blind Image Restoration
Effect of Look-Ahead Depth in Evolutionary Checkers
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