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Multi-Scale Salient Features for Analyzing 3D Shapes
A Multi-Channel Salience Based Detail Exaggeration Technique for 3D Relief Surfaces
Connectivity-Based Segmentation for GPU-Accelerated Mesh Decompression
Affective Image Colorization
A Customized Framework to Recompress Massive Internet Images
A Novel Approach Towards Large Scale Cross-Media Retrieval
Synthesizing Distributed Protocol Specifications from a UML State Machine Modeled Service Specification
Hierarchical Structures on Multigranulation Spaces
Automatic Prosodic Break Detection and Feature Analysis
Data Structures in Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms
Social Network-Aware Interfaces as Facilitators of Innovation
KnoE: A Web Mining Tool to Validate Previously Discovered Semantic Correspondences
A Multi-Threaded Semantic Focused Crawler
Heart Rate Extraction from Vowel Speech Signals
JacUOD: A New Similarity Measurement for Collaborative Filtering
Local Community Detection Using Link Similarity
Hybrid Parallel Bundle Adjustment for 3D Scene Reconstruction with Massive Points
Fast Image Correspondence with Global Structure Projection
A Kernel Approach to Multi-Task Learning with Task-Specific Kernels
A Unified Active Learning Framework for Biomedical Relation Extraction
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