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Optimizations for High Performance Network Virtualization
Metcalfe's Law and Network Quality:An Extension of Zhang et al.
Techniques for Design and Implementation of an FPGA-Specific Physical Unclonable Function
A Unified Buffering Management with Set Divisible Cache for PCM Main Memory
AS-Index:A Structure for String Search Using n-Grams and Algebraic Signatures
Context-Based Moving Object Trajectory Uncertainty Reduction and Ranking in Road Network
RiMOM-IM:A Novel Iterative Framework for Instance Matching
A Game-Based Approach for PCTL* Stochastic Model Checking with Evidence
BACH:A Bandwidth-Aware Hybrid Cache Hierarchy Design with Nonvolatile Memories
Adaptive Photon Mapping Based on Gradient
Technological Exploration of RRAM Crossbar Array for Matrix-Vector Multiplication
Performance-Centric Optimization for Racetrack Memory Based Register File on GPUs
Modelling Spiking Neural Network from the Architecture Evaluation Perspective
Optimization Strategies Oriented to Loop Characteristics in Software Thread Level Speculation Systems
Modular Timing Constraints for Delay-Insensitive Systems
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