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Balanced Quantization: An Effective and Efficient Approach to Quantized Neural Networks
Objectness Region Enhancement Networks for Scene Parsing
Directional Edge Boxes: Exploiting Inner Normal Direction Cues for Effective Object Proposal Generation
Weighted Co-Training for Cross-Domain Image Sentiment Classification
Retrieving Aerial Scene Images with Learned Deep Image-Sketch Features
Deep Multimodal Reinforcement Network with Contextually Guided Recurrent Attention for Image Question Answering
Neural Parse Combination
Exploiting Unlabeled Data for Neural Grammatical Error Detection
Recent Advances on Neural Headline Generation
Emphasizing Essential Words for Sentiment Classification Based on Recurrent Neural Networks
Optimizing Non-Decomposable Evaluation Metrics for Neural Machine Translation
Type-Aware Question Answering over Knowledge Base with Attention-Based Tree-Structured Neural Networks
Relation Enhanced Neural Model for Type Classification of Entity Mentions with a Fine-Grained Taxonomy
An Experimental Study of Text Representation Methods for Cross-Site Purchase Preference Prediction Using the Social Text Data
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