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What Are They Talking About? Analyzing Code Reviews in Pull-Based Development Model
CSLabel:An Approach for Labelling Mobile App Reviews
A Cluster Based Feature Selection Method for Cross-Project Software Defect Prediction
On Locating Malicious Code in Piggybacked Android Apps
Automated String Constraints Solving for Programs Containing String Manipulation Functions
ExquiMo:An Exquisite Corpse Tool for Collaborative 3D Shape Design
Estimation of Vehicle Pose and Position with Monocular Camera at Urban Road Intersections
Mechanical Assembly Packing Problem Using Joint Constraints
Non-Frontal Facial Expression Recognition Using a Depth-Patch Based Deep Neural Network
Surface Tension Model Based on Implicit Incompressible Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics for Fluid Simulation
Stable Real-Time Surgical Cutting Simulation of Deformable Objects Embedded with Arbitrary Triangular Meshes
Automatic Anterior Lamina Cribrosa Surface Depth Measurement Based on Active Contour and Energy Constraint
Supervised Vessels Classification Based on Feature Selection
Effective Query Grouping Strategy in Clouds
A Reverse Auction Framework for Hybrid Access in Femtocell Network
LTSS:Load-Adaptive Traffic Steering and Forwarding for Security Services in Multi-Tenant Cloud Datacenters
Intermittent Fault Diagnosability of Interconnection Networks
CHAUS:Scalable VM-Based Channels for Unbounded Streaming
A Configurable Circuit for Cross-Correlation in Real-Time Image Matching
Greedy Randomized Adaptive Search Procedure with Path-Relinking for the Vertex p-Center Problem
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