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Robustness Assessment of Asynchronous Advantage Actor-Critic Based on Dynamic Skewness and Sparseness Computation: A Parallel Computing View
A Novel Probabilistic Saturating Counter Design for Secure Branch Predictor
Write-Optimized B+ Tree Index Technology for Persistent Memory
FDGLib: A Communication Library for Efficient Large-Scale Graph Processing in FPGA-Accelerated Data Centers
Harmonia: Explicit Congestion Notification and Credit-Reservation Transport Converged Congestion Control in Datacenters
Partial-TMR: A New Method for Protecting Register Files Against Soft Error Based on Lifetime Analysis
Machine Learning Aided Key-Guessing Attack Paradigm Against Logic Block Encryption
Defect-Tolerant Mapping of CMOL Circuit Targeting Delay Optimization
Temperature-Aware Electromigration Analysis with Current-Tracking in Power Grid Networks
Inversion Optimization Strategy Based on Primitives with Complement Attributes
Area Efficient Pattern Representation of Binary Neural Networks on RRAM
Exploiting the Community Structure of Fraudulent Keywords for Fraud Detection in Web Search
Apollo: Rapidly Picking the Optimal Cloud Configurations for Big Data Analytics Using a Data-Driven Approach
Constructing an Educational Knowledge Graph with Concepts Linked to Wikipedia
Vulnerable Region-Aware Greybox Fuzzing
Improving Ocean Data Services with Semantics and Quick Index
SOOP: Efficient Distributed Graph Computation Supporting Second-Order Random Walks
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