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Analyzing and Optimizing Packet Corruption in RDMA Network
SMART: Speedup Job Completion Time by Scheduling Reduce Tasks
Approximation Designs for Energy Harvesting Relay Deployment in Wireless Sensor Networks
Toward High-Performance Delta-Based Iterative Processing with a Group-Based Approach
Leveraging Document-Level and Query-Level Passage Cumulative Gain for Document Ranking
An Efficient Scheme to Defend Data-to-Control-Plane Saturation Attacks in Software-Defined Networking
Accelerating DAG-Style Job Execution via Optimizing Resource Pipeline Scheduling
Energy-Efficient Minimum Mobile Charger Coverage for Wireless Sensor Networks
Generous or Selfish? Weighing Transaction Forwarding Against Malicious Attacks in Payment Channel Networks
Gaze-Assisted Viewport Control for 360° Video on Smartphone
Distributed Game-Theoretical D2D-Enabled Task Offloading in Mobile Edge Computing
Accelerating Data Transfer in Dataflow Architectures Through a Look-Ahead Acknowledgment Mechanism
Accumulative Time Based Ranking Method to Reputation Evaluation in Information Networks
Novel Positive Multi-Layer Graph Based Method for Collaborative Filtering Recommender Systems
SMRI: A New Method for siRNA Design for COVID-19 Therapy
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