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The Vibrant Field of Parallel and Distributed Computing—Scan the Special Issue in Honor of Professor Kai Hwang’s 80th Birthday
Information Superbahn: Towards a Planet-Scale, Low-Entropy and High-Goodput Computing Utility
GShuttle: Optimizing Memory Access Efficiency for Graph Convolutional Neural Network Accelerators
High Performance MPI over the Slingshot Interconnect
A Survey on Clock Synchronization in the Industrial Internet
xCCL: A Survey of Industry-Led Collective Communication Libraries for Deep Learning
Improving Entity Linking in Chinese Domain by Sense Embedding Based on Graph Clustering
Unified Programming Models for Heterogeneous High-Performance Computers
Ubiquitous WiFi and Acoustic Sensing: Principles, Technologies, and Applications
HXPY: A High-Performance Data Processing Package for Financial Time-Series Data
The Memory-Bounded Speedup Model and Its Impacts in Computing
Adventures Beyond Amdahl's Law: How Power-Performance Measurement and Modeling at Scale Drive Server and Supercomputer Design
The Paradigm of Power Bounded High-Performance Computing
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