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The RTL Binding and Mapping Approach of VHDL High-Level Synthesis System HLS/BIT

Yan Zongfu; Liu Mingye;   

  1. Department of Computer Science & Engineering Beijing Institute of Technology; Beijing 100081;
  • Online:1996-11-10 Published:1996-11-10

This paper describes a VHDL high-level synthesis system HLS/BIT with emphasis on its register-transfer level (RTL) binding and technology mapping subsystem. In more detail, the component instantiation mechanism and the knowledge-driven approach to RTL technology mapping are also presented.

Key words: human body modeling; 3D reconstruction; animation; real-time; deformation; multidimensional transaction database; data mining; Ndimensionalinter-transaction association rules (NDITAR); generalized multidimensional association rules (GMDAR);

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