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Single-Cycle Bit Permutations with MOMR Execution
The Value of a Small Microkernel for Dreamy Memory and the RAMpageMemory Hierarchy
A Novel Memory Structure for Embedded Systems: Flexible Sequential andRandom Access Memory
A Power-Aware Branch Predictor by Accessing the BTB Selectively
Performance Evaluation of Different Data Value PredictionSchemes
Micro-Task Processing in Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Systems
Multiple-Morphs Adaptive Stream Architecture
Power Efficient Sub-Array in Reconfigurable VLSI Meshes
User-Level Device Drivers: Achieved Performance
Hardware-Software Collaborative Techniques for Runtime Profiling andPhase Transition Detection
Secure Application-Aware Service Differentiation in Public AreaWireless Networks
Techniques for Determining the Geographic Location ofIP Addresses in ISP Topology Measurement
RMAC: A Reliable MAC Protocol Supporting Multicastfor Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Approximation Algorithms for Steiner Connected Dominating Set
Dynamic Fuzzy Controlled RWA Algorithm for IP/GMPLS over WDM Networks
Clonal Strategy Algorithm Based on the Immune Memory
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