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AVS Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy
Performance Comparison of AVS and H.264/AVC Video Coding Standards
Context-Based 2D-VLC Entropy Coder in AVS Video Coding Standard
A Novel MBAFF Scheme of AVS
AVS-M: From Standards to Applications
Low-Complexity Tools in AVS Part 7
Low Complexity Integer Transform and Adaptive Quantization Optimization
Introduction to AVS Audio
Basic Considerations on AVS DRM Architecture
An Efficient VLSI Architecture for Motion Compensation of AVS HDTV Decoder
Improved FFSBM Algorithm and Its VLSI Architecture for AVS Video Standard
Second Attribute Algorithm Based on Tree Expression
Force-Based Incremental Algorithm for Mining Community Structure in Dynamic Network
Constraint-Based Fuzzy Models for an Environment with Heterogeneous Information-Granules
Agent-Oriented Probabilistic Logic Programming
Checking Content Consistency of Integrated Web Documents
GDM: A New Graph Based Data Model Using Functional Abstractionx
A Supervised Learning Approach to Search of Definitions
A Component-Based Debugging Approach for Detecting Structural Inconsistencies in Declarative Equation Based Models
Visual Similarity Based Document Layout Analysis
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