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Implementing a 1GHz Four-Issue Out-of-Order Execution Microprocessor in a Standard Cell ASIC Methodology
Efficient ID-Based Multi-Decrypter Encryption with Short Ciphertexts
Chameleon Hashes Without Key Exposure Based on Factoring
An Efficient Handoff Decision Algorithm for Vertical Handoff Between WWAN and WLAN
FloodNet: Coupling Adaptive Sampling with Energy Aware Routing in a Flood Warning System
An Efficient Data Dissemination Scheme for Spatial Query Processing
End-to-End Utilization Control for Aperiodic Tasks in Distributed Real-Time Systems
3D Morphing Using Strain Field Interpolation
An Energy-Efficient Instruction Scheduler Design with Two-Level Shelving and Adaptive Banking
Visual Simulation of Multiple Unmixable Fluids
A Markov Random Field Model-Based Approach to Natural Image Matting
A 485ps 64-Bit Parallel Adder in 0.18$\mu$m CMOS
Unified Parallel Systolic Multiplier Over GF(2^m)
Bounded Model Checking of CTL^*
CSchema: A Downgrading Policy Language for XML Access Control
Two-Factor Cancelable Biometrics Authenticator
Higher-Level Hardware Synthesis of the KASUMI Algorithm
Breaking and Repairing Trapdoor-Free Group Signature Schemes from Asiacrypt 2004
Relationship Between a Non-Malleable Commitment Scheme and a Modified Selective Decommitment Scheme
Improved Collision Attack on Hash Function MD5
Secure Two-Party Point-Circle Inclusion Problem
Attack on Digital Multi-Signature Scheme Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem
A New Public-Key Encryption Scheme
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