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Cloud-Sea Computing Systems:Towards Thousand-Fold Improvement in Performance per Watt for the Coming Zettabyte Era
A Functional Sensing Model and a Case Study in Household Electricity Usage Sensing
EasiSMP:A Resource-Oriented Programming Framework Supporting Runtime Propagation of RESTful Resources
SeaHttp:A Resource-Oriented Protocol to Extend REST Style for Web of Things
A Task Execution Framework for Cloud-Assisted Sensor Networks
An Elastic Architecture Adaptable to Various Application Scenarios
A General-Purpose Many-Accelerator Architecture Based on Dataflow Graph Clustering of Applications
Prevention from Soft Errors via Architecture Elasticity
MIMS:Towards a Message Interface Based Memory System
Reinventing Memory System Design for Many-Accelerator Architecture
A High-Performance and Cost-Effcient Interconnection Network for High-Density Servers
SAC:Exploiting Stable Set Model to Enhance CacheFiles
A Non-Forced-Write Atomic Commit Protocol for Cluster File Systems
OpenMDSP:Extending OpenMP to Program Multi-Core DSPs
Continuous Probabilistic Subspace Skyline Query Processing Using Grid Projections
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