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A Large Chinese Text Dataset in the Wild
Bidirectional Optimization Coupled Lightweight Networks for Efficient and Robust Multi-Person 2D Pose Estimation
Single Image Super-Resolution via Dynamic Lightweight Database with Local-Feature Based Interpolation
Fast and Error-Bounded Space-Variant Bilateral Filtering
Defocus Hyperspectral Image Deblurring with Adaptive Reference Image and Scale Map
Geometry-Aware ICP for Scene Reconstruction from RGB-D Camera
A Survey of 3D Indoor Scene Synthesis
Blind Image Deblurring via Adaptive Optimization with Flexible Sparse Structure Control
Cloud Detection Using Super Pixel Classification and Semantic Segmentation
PVSS: A Progressive Vehicle Search System for Video Surveillance Networks
Competitive Cloud Pricing for Long-Term Revenue Maximization
BHONEM: Binary High-Order Network Embedding Methods for Networked-Guarantee Loans
Unit Test Data Generation for C Using Rule-Directed Symbolic Execution
Cacheap: Portable and Collaborative I/O Optimization for Graph Processing
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